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Ashmere is a cozy townhouse community in eastern Prince William County, Virginia. Located off Dumfries Road (VA Route 234) and just 1.7 miles from Interstate 95, Ashmere is a short drive from Washington DC (31 miles) and the Quantico Marine Base (7.5 miles). The community shares a swimming pool and playground. It’s close to shopping and many local attractions, including the Prince William Forest Park just across the street!

The Ashmere Homeowners Association produced this website to provide timely news and information to our residents and visitors. We hope you find the material helpful.

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Certified Letter Reminder!
Please read the Certified Letter Reminder that was recently sent to each home addressing the ongoing issue with trash and dog waste in the community.


An updated Architectural Governance Document has been approved by the HOA Board. Please see the Approved Exteriors page for further information.

Pet owners who do not pick up after their pets and pet owners that allow their dogs to roam at large are in violation of Prince William County Animal Control Laws. The key to address these violations is for the person who eye witnesses the act of a pet owner being irresponsible with regard to the county animal control laws, to contact the Prince William County non-emergency police number at (703) 792-6500 to report this violation. The police, in turn, will relay this information to the Prince William County Animal Warden.
The Prince William County Animal Control Bureau located at 14807 Dumfries Road, Manassas, VA 20112, (703) 792-6465, has published a pamphlet entitled Animal Laws and General Information. Three specific animal control laws cited in this pamphlet are listed below.

  •  Allow within the county prolonged or intense barking or other harsh or excessive noises to be made by animals and pets under one’s ownership, at any time (Section 14-5.1); and
  •  Allow your animal to run at large within the County unless engaged in supervised, formal obedience training classes, or show, or during formally sanctioned field trials or while engaged in lawful hunting during open hunting season (Section 4-23); and
  •  Allow your animal to urinate or defecate on private property of other persons or on publicly owned property except parts of parks as posted as dog run areas (Section 4-11 & 4-46).

Although dog owner responsibility is the most frequently asked about issue with regard to pet control laws, occasionally someone will have a question regarding cats. There is no leash law for cats, but the county does have a provision for county residents to request that ‘No Trespassing’ papers be served on a cat owner to prohibit trespassing by his or her cat. The Prince William Animal Control Bureau at (703) 792-6465 will be able to give you information on this process.

Want to change the look of your house?

Please refer to the new Approved Exteriors page before making any changes to the exterior appearance of your home, and remember to submit an application before beginning construction. See the article Exterior Modifications on the Select Policies page for the form and further details. Thank you


Back-to-School Safety Tips

Our kids are back in school so it’s important for motorists, parents and students to have the information necessary for a safe school year. The National Safety Council and First Student have produced brochures and a public service announcement covering various safety topics including bus and pedestrian safety tips.

Among the tips for motorists:

  • Be alert. Children are unpredictable and may dash into your path.
  • Stop for all buses with red flashing lights as they are loading or unloading children.
  • The area 10 feet around a school bus is where children are in the most danger of being hit. Stop your car far enough from the bus to allow children the necessary space to safely enter and exit the bus.
  • Don’t honk your horn, rev your engine, or do anything to rush or scare a child in front of your car, even if you have the legal right-of-way.
  • Obey the speed limit in the school zone when the warning flashers are blinking, and yield to pedestrians in the marked crosswalks.

    Parents should also discuss safety with their children. Be sure to cover the basics:
  • Always walk on the sidewalk.
  • Walk, don’t run. This gives time for drivers to see you before you enter the roadway. Running also makes you more likely to fall.
  • Stop and look all ways, left-right-left, and be sure there’s no traffic coming before crossing the street.
  • When the bus arrives, stand at least three giant steps (6 feet) away from the curb.
  • Never walk behind the bus.
  • Find a seat and sit down quietly. Loud talking or other noise can distract the bus driver.
  • Never put head, arms or hands out of the window.
  • Wait for the bus to stop completely before getting up from your seat and exiting the bus

    See the complete brochures at the NSC Back-to-School Safety webpage, and view the PSA below. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also provides a downloadable, kid-friendly safety pamphlet.


    Unwelcome Additions

    image Improperly stored trash is ugly, defacing the entire community. It’s also a health risk as it attracts rats and other animals. Prince William County and the Ashmere Homeowners Association have developed a few simple rules intended to keep our neighborhood clean and safe.
  • Trash must be stored inside the trash can at all times.
  • Trash cans may be left at the corner/curb after 6PM on Monday and Thursday, the evening before scheduled pickup.
  • Trash cans must be retrieved from the corner/curb by 10PM on Tuesday and Friday, the scheduled pickup day.
  • Trash cans must be stored out of sight. They should not be visible from the sidewalk in front of your home. Store your trash can around back, inside your fenced yard, or within/behind an approved enclosure. Remember to submit an Application for Exterior Modification prior to installing an enclosure or otherwise changing the landscape.

    Failure to properly store a trash container will result in a $50 violation charge in accordance with the association due process resolution and/or incur a charge of $10 per day if the container is left out continually. All violations will be sent to the household assigned that trash container based on its serial number. The attached document lists all the serial numbers assigned by street address. Please contact our Community Manager, James Hawkins, at (703) 565-0042 if the serial number listed does not match your trash can.

    Please help us keep our neighborhood clean. Thank you.


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